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Whoever neglects this will or does not follow the religion, that person will be held responsible in the end.

This was written on April 11, 1996; the Islamic calendar of zoelqada is 1416 Written by MOHAMED MOHAMED ELAMIR AWAD ELSAYED Witnesses: ABDELGANI MUZWADI (signature) Witnesses: ALMUTASADEQ MUNIR (signature) Sourced from was the breakthrough that German investigators had been looking for.

Mohamed Atta was born on September 1, 1968, in Kafr el Sheikh, Egypt, to a middle-class family headed by his father, an attorney.

After graduating from Cairo University with a degree in architectural engineering in 1990, Atta worked as an urban planner in Cairo for a couple of years.

According to one of his friends, Atta was enraged, and by filling out his last testament during the attack he was offering his life as a response.

Page 307, The Looming Tower, Lawrence Wright In the name of God all mighty Death Certificate This is what I want to happen after my death.

I am Mohamed the son of Mohamed Elamir awad Elsayed.

I believe that prophet Mohamed is God's messenger and time will come, no doubt about that, and God will resurrect people who are in their graves.In school, Atta came across as very intelligent and reasonably pleasant, with an excellent command of the German language.When Atta arrived in Germany, he appeared religious, but not fanatically so.Page 160/1619/11 Commission Report On April 11, 1996, when Atta was twenty-seven years old, he signed a standardized will he got from the al-Quds mosque.It was the day Israel attacked Lebanon in Operation Grapes of Wrath.In the fall of 1997, he joined a working group at the Quds mosque in Hamburg, a group designed to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians.