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She is also mother to Jace with ex Andrew Lewis and Kaiser with ex Nathan Griffith.

He’s got 25 in total, arranged carefully on top of a wooden dresser in his Daytona Beach, Florida, bedroom. I say sure, and he starts ripping a piece of paper into small strips, placing them in a row on the dresser. Branden, 25, lives in a one-bedroom in a quiet gated complex 15 minutes from the Daytona shoreline.

“I was like, ‘No, actually I’m white.’” He laughs about it now, but remembers the discovery as traumatic. I found out I was adopted, and then I found out I was black. “The wig was always a sign of funny for me,” he says. It’s really awkward, but they thought I was a ladies’ man.” He came out at 16, after his older sister found gay porn on the family computer.

I was like, Oh shit, none of these people are really related to me at all! “I put the wig on and people laughed.” As a teenager, he’d go on his family’s computer to watch Chris Crocker, the pre-Vine performance artist who rose to prominence after his teary-eyed “Leave Britney Alone! Branden was a fan, but also convinced he could do better. “I remember my mom saying to me, ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

She then found out she was expecting again in June. Stop lying,” a commenter wrote, as another tweeted, “I’m 39 weeks and my conception date is around April 25th.” Evans denied her pregnancy to fans until an accident report from July 6 revealed she was at least 10 weeks pregnant at the time.

Evans welcomed her daughter Ensley Jolie on January 23 at am.

He doesn’t leave often — unless it’s Friday, when he goes shopping.

After the scent-smelling session, we drive his Chrysler to a strip mall full of chain stores a couple miles away; it’s only Thursday, but he makes an exception.Saw the OBGYN the Doctors show connected me with in LA.He conducted an ultrasound and told me I was not pregnant.” She added how she didn’t want to explain on-camera that she was no longer pregnant. Meaning the beginning of your pregnancy was April 28th 2016.“It makes them think you don’t have money, then bam.” Today he’s on the hunt for Spicebomb, the masculine scent by Viktor&Rolf, makers of Flowerbomb.“When I’m buying perfume for Xavier, I lie and say it’s for my mom,” he tells me later.But only months later, Evans admitted she was pregnant with their first child together. April of 2016 I filmed the car cam scene with David and found out at lunch from my Endo. “A week or few days later we flew out to the reunion, end of April 2016.