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It is also one of the most difficult to find in good condition since it was a short print.

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Louis Cardinals before ultimately deciding to pursue baseball. Louis Cardinals, Gibson racked up 251 wins, 3,117 strikeouts, and an overall ERA of 2.91.A nine time All-Star, Gibson also won two World Series Championships, two Cy Young Awards and one National League MVP award.The image is frequently off-center and the hot pink background is often blemished with print marks.During the 1960 season, Gibson pitched nine innings for the Cardinals before moving between the Cardinals and their minor league affiliate until mid-June.He is credited with 20 RBIs, more than the RBI output of all other National League pitchers combined!

The card can commonly be exposed to centering/tilting issues as well as print dots in the bottom border. After leading the Cardinals to a National League championship, he also led them to their first World Series victory in 19 years.Gibson also set a World Series record by striking out a total of 31 batters during the Series. He won a personal best 20 games during the course of the season.With only a single headshot of a smiling Gibson, the Cardinals team name, and Gibson’s position as a pitcher listed, this card is known for its simplicity. He would go on to improve on this personal record in later seasons, but 1965 marked the first of many 20 win seasons for the pitcher, making this card important for any collector.Upon his return from playing winter baseball in Venezuela, Gibson made it to St. Manager Solly Hemus frequently moved Gibson from the bullpen to the starting rotation and back.In July, Johnny Keane replaced Hemus and made Gibson a full-time starter.Despite a broken ankle that occurred late in the season, Gibson ended the 1962 season with over 200 strike-outs.