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As a result, Open GL ES 2.0 is not backward compatible with Open GL ES 1.1.

Munshi Premchand Ki, based on the writing of Premchand, starring Pankaj Kapur and Surekha Sikri, directed by Gulzar and produced by Doordarshan.

The story revolves around many characters representing the various sections of Indian community. This in turn led to a fight between his wife and his younger brother, Heera’s wife.

The AEP was officially added to Android Lollipop to provide extra features like tessellation over what was officially in the GLES 3.1 revision.

Open GL ES 3.2 update is largely made up of the AEP additions, which are already present in desktop Open GL.

The peasant and rural society is represented by the family of Hori Mahato and his family members which includes Dhania (wife), Rupa and Sona (daughters), Gobar (son), Jhunia (daughter-in-law). Jealous of Hori, his younger brother Heera poisoned the cow and ran away because of the fear of police action.

The story starts from a point where Hori has a deep desire of having a cow as other millions of poor peasants. When the police came inquiring the death of the cow, Hori took a loan and paid the bribe to the police and was able to clear off his younger brother’s name.Attributes were also added to better support the computational abilities of embedded processors, which often lack a floating point unit (FPU).Many other functions and rendering primitives were removed in version 1.0 to produce a lightweight interface, including: Open GL ES 1.1 added features such as mandatory support for multitexture, better multitexture support (including combiners and dot product texture operations), automatic mipmap generation, vertex buffer objects, state queries, user clip planes, and greater control over point rendering.Vulkan, a next-generation API from Khronos, is made for simpler high performance drivers for mobile and desktop devices.Several versions of the Open GL ES specification now exist.Hori again is compelled to take a loan and pay the penalty.