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Apart from a stellar star cast, the series deals with one of the most tabooed concepts of sex education. Just like any normal father, Papa is shocked at the question and tries to divert him by telling him to get his bat.

Episode 1- Masturbation Innocent kid Pappu aka Punit Watsa (Kabir Sajid) is playing cricket and just 35 seconds into the episode he runs to his Papa (father), Anand Watsa (Anand Tiwari) and asks the question, "papa, yeh masturbation kya hota hai? Papa gets a call from his father, Vishwanath Watsa aka Mogambo (Sachin Pilgaonkar), who is a typical strict and outmoded father.

With outstanding performances, a terrific script and rib-tickling jokes, Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa' is an absolute gem which should get better and better.

Apparent bold content and cuss words do not have a place on the tube which caters to all ages and millions of homes.

In the web-series format, that restriction is unchained which makes the portrayal more realistic.

She understands the plight of her son and is friendly with him.

His mother visits him at his place to stay with them, as Anand's wife, Shireen Sheikh Watsa aka Mumma is pregnant.

The adorable kid played by Kabir Sajid is so amazing, that a better kid for that role wouldn't have been possible.

Also, at the end of the episode, he runs us through some facts in a very innocent and direct manner.The several taboos related to not only masturbation but sex need to be cleared and not just for the adults, but for the kids too.The Verdict The show fantastically blends the rare mixture of satirical comedy, blue humour and enlightenment about sex.Soon after the mother-son phone talk ends, Pappu re-asks the question-that-is-a-mistake' that what does masturbation mean..?What follows is one of the most apt, hilarious, quirky and amazing explanations of masturbation and how difficult it can be to educate about sex to kids. The episode is nothing short of an eye-opener but in the most hilarious way imaginable.They come from across London’s diverse social spectrum, from millionaire property developers to illegal immigrants and convicted murderers.