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Accordingly, IJM staff seeks colleagues who embrace and contribute to the spiritual community through shared Christian conviction and practice.As Mother Theresa did in Kolkata, IJM seeks to provide a common platform for all people of good will to serve the needy, while also building a core community who share her fundamental convictions of Christian faith and practice.Address all applications to the Director of Recruiting.

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Check out jobs in other cities and overseas in our Open Positions.

We’re not just recruiting for lawyers, investigators and social workers – it takes a wide range of talented people to make justice for the poor possible.

IJM completes a thorough review of references prior to making an employment offer.

Due to the quantity of applications that we receive, we are unable to offer informational interviews for employment opportunities.

Accordingly, IJM asks applicants seeking to join IJM's core community of full-time staff to submit a Statement of Faith describing their Christian faith and its relevance to their interest in serving with IJM.

It is generally helpful for an applicant to provide insight into his/her own journey of faith and as well as current spiritual disciplines. 2000e-1 [Section702] of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes provision for employment along lines of shared religious convictions. S.-based employment, but candidates must have the legal right to work in the United States.

We offer competitive salaries, with excellent medical, dental and retirement benefits to all employees.

Additional benefits such as relocation and generous paid time off are provided for all regular full-time staff.

I joined my department to help inspire the global Church to take up this holy calling.

I run Tough Mudder obstacle courses because I think they exemplify the dedication of my colleagues: doing whatever is necessary, for as long as is necessary, until the job is done and the oppressed are set free.

A statement of faith should describe your Christian faith and how it is relevant to your involvement with IJM. In most cases, IJM will not be able to assist financially in securing a visa to work in the United States. Please submit your updated Cover Letter, Resume, and Statement of Faith (compiled as one document) to your candidate profile when applying, and explain in your cover letter your interest in the new position. Yes, IJM is currently receiving applications for every job posted on our website.