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MOVIE SHOWING: This Friday at “Lunch and a Movie” we’ll be showing the movie The Monuments Men.

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It’s a little cheesy and the format of a weekly murder is highly unlikely, but it kind of grows on you. I’ve Got You Under My Skinby Mary Higgins Clark Lexicon by Max Barry The Universe Versus Alex Woods Gavin Extence Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker Don’t forget -you’ll need some extra books this week to last over Memorial Day next week… — Stacey You know how we often interpret emails and texts differently that they may have been meant?

I like the supporting characters: the mouthy deputy from out east, the handsome rugged deputy who’s Longmire’s chief competition (he’s also sleeping with Longmire’s daughter) and Henry Standing Bear, the American Indian’s who’s Longmire’s best pal. Tone of voice and gestures can create totally different meaning.

Join us in the Community Room at noon for popcorn and lemonade and immerse yourself in a historical epic!

New releases 5-27-14: – DVD: a fifteen-year-old birding fanatic escapes on an epic road trip with his best friends to solidify their place in birding history. Department of Veterans Affairs with a really interesting site dedicated to stories directly from United States Military Veterans and a site that shares ideas on how to get involved!

The intervening basketball video of the team as it made its way into the playoffs lightened up the film as well.

I could have done without the occasional shots of Presidents Bush and Ahmadinejad and their saber rattling, which didn’t really add any depth and took away from the time I would have rather spent with the people in the film.I hope everyone did a little planning ahead by piling up the books? In this time of the prevalence of Netflix and other digital media, it’s amazing that these items are still popular at libraries.I like to think we fill a niche, offering movies, TV shows and documentaries that are hard to find while also introducing our patrons to something they would never find otherwise!I actually found the above story as a result of looking at this blog posting proposing warnings for children’s books. – Julie So I guess the holiday weekend threw me off a bit, which is my way of saying that I’m a day late with the new releases blog post; my apologies.In the meantime, check out the list below: this week there were no mainstream movie releases, but a bunch of indie and foreign film releases as well as a couple of continuing TV series.Once there, he befriended three women and, in learning about their lives, expanded his perspective.