Ocs 2016 address book not updating

First, I need to synch my Active Directory changes (the new accounts or the newly OCS enabled accounts) to the address book by updating the files in the address book shared location that is published by IIS.

We generally use –syncnow to force the changes (and only the changes) in AD to propagate to OCS.

To rebuild Lync’s copy of the AD data simply use the cmdlet.

This step should not be necessary under normal circumstances.

In the time it took to read the previous paragraph Lync Server should have synchronized and outstanding changes in Active Directory and Step #2 can be manually processed.

Time will pass and eventually everyone will get the update. If everyone logs in around the same time every day (the start of business), then an excessive load will be placed on the environment and it will even cause performance problems. It is simply that it might be a great idea to have the random offset of 0-60 minutes, but there are some individuals where this just isn’t acceptable.

For example, if I am an administrator and I get calls saying that the Address Book search is not finding somebody, and the calls are from VIPs in the company, I really need a way to test to make sure that the names can be found.

There are many times when we need to update the Address Book before the next automated update.

For example, if I add a couple of hundred users, and I want my existing clients to be able to search for them by using their Address Book, I need to take a couple of steps.Number of device bytes written: 1,657 compressed to 1,248 bytes on disk.Just as Office Communicator has done since a later R2 hotfix, Lync also will not immediately download changes to the Address Book files when first launched, but instead wait for a random interval of time between 1 and 60 minutes.However, it will perform the update at a random time between 0 and 60 minutes.This can cause unpredictable behaviors when there are updates that need to be downloaded and applied. Attempted access from malicious IP address: 1.10 IP Reputation Category: Phishing If you think this is a mistake please contact the Help Desk at 962-HELP for assistance.