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Chances are if you’ve dabbled in online dating, you’ve come across OKCupid’s blog OKTrends and got caught up in an article about the myths of profile pictures or the common lies people tell when meeting online.

OKCupid isn’t only a destination for dates — it’s a place where people can find fascinating insights on love, sex and attraction.

From the blog readers though, about 90 percent were not OKCupid users. Scripted: Did ever you consider hiring an editorial team once it took off? A lot of what made the blog popular was how it was done and written, which is, in some ways, tied up in me. Scripted: How would you know you had interesting stats that would make a good story? A lot of the times we would just start with a topic. I think the posts that do the best are the ones that really hit a topic that people care about apart from Ok Cupid.

Everybody is into something a little bit different, right? You can put your best foot forward, but you have to make sure it’s your foot. Most people they date, and end up marrying someone that they know from church, from work, or from school or whatever it is. There’s a quarter million people in New York City on OKCupid, and you can choose from them all.

There are enough people online, so there’s going to be somebody there that likes you — which isn’t the case at a party where there’s 100 people and you’re on the fringe. That is intimidating in a way, and that means people become more judgmental to handle that choice.

Christian: My advice is to be bold and be transgressive, but it’s going to be very hard for someone working at most companies when the blog writer is way down the totem pole.

Scripted: You had such a distinct voice in your writing. Christian: The short answer is yes, it did come naturally.

If you’re married or you’re dating somebody, you don’t need it. I think I’ll give it [online dating] a shot.” I think that happened a lot, but very few direct line-ups. ” As far as how to know when you’ve got something and knowing when you have something that people are going to want to read, is like a little bit of voodoo. One of our most popular posts was comparing our gays users to our straight users.

If you read the blog post while you’re dating someone and you get dumped, and you’re like, “Oh, man. See also: The Future of Content Marketing & Lead Generation Content Scripted: Did you use any paid promotion? Of course — even at that time — we had a website that had at least a reasonable amount of traffic, so that helped. There would usually be a programmer dedicated to pulling stuff out of the database for me. We’d brainstorm about what to do next pretty often. Probably our single, most popular post was this July when we were writing about experiments that we had run on Ok Cupid.

These articles were designed to be funny, viral, sensational and interesting.

And, of course, we were writing about sex and about attraction.

See also: Transforming Data Into Digestible Content Scripted: What tools were you using to analyze your data?

Christian: Our database is SQL, so we had an SQL programmer that would do pulls for me, and then I would put everything into Excel.

Unfortunately, a lot of datasets can be robust, and they can be kind of interesting, but they often don’t include any data about the people underneath.