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And since your addiction takes place in private, essentially a secret, you become more isolated and withdrawn socially. This leads to a further decrease in self esteem and sociability, which makes it harder to hang out with people, and the cycle repeats itself. Regain of focus to finish one job before starting the next one 49.

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The doctor says it’s good to ejaculate because it’s helpful for your prostate. But no doctor is going to recommend that you masturbate to porn 2 times a day and replace normal sexual activity with it. Better ability to learn and remember new things and new ‘songs’ 28. Masturbating to another male having sex puts you in the beta male position where you are the spectator in another man’s pleasure. As such, he advocates withholding ejaculation (or at least picking the time and situation wisely.)Taoists have traditionally been into this idea as well—many of them link semen with vital life force, and as such unnecessary ejaculation equates to needlessly sapping one’s self of energy. At the root of Deida’s concepts is the idea that most masculine energy comes from pent-up sexual drive, so when we allow ourselves to let that build up a little, we see more energy and ambition in our lives. In some cases it takes months, but often the shift is so rapid that it catches them by surprise.”Without easy gratification, sex drive becomes energy expended in various parts of life.

Quitting frequent porn and masturbation can dramatically improve the quality of your life, especially if it’s a problem in your life that you have not even identified.

On the flip side, we have Class 3 experiences that feel good, but ultimately destroy our quality of life and give us pain.

Any guesses what class porn and masturbation falls in? Frequent Porn and masturbation use is a Class 3 experience.

Few things can cause the kind of dopamine spike that an orgasm can, and healthy activities are steadily phased out. A 2011 survey by The Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine spells it out in depressing black and white: excessive porn kills sexual performance.

In Psychology Today, Marnia Robinson stated that when people “abstain from porn and cut way back on masturbation, their desire to connect with others surges. Better response to emotionally charged situations 63. Being better at controlling other aspects of life, like cooking, exercising etc 69.

The point is if you quit masturbating and porn use you will see dramatic improvements in your physical and emotional well being.