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A cheating wife was exposed after she was caught on camera by her husband’s best man.

It's a horrifying experience for the partner who loves you and finds out you gave away such a private and intimate part of yourself, that was supposed to be reserved for your eyes and pleasures only. "It's cheating because unlike a porn flick, dirty mag, or paysite you are actually connecting to this other person" Connecting emotionally too, not just pleasurably. " if your girl/guy walked in would you be cool with it? Also Blastkist "I'll say it again, if you wouldn't tell your s.o. O.'s first sexual experience, then he calls her up after 30 years and she jumps right into it with him in a heartbeat. brushed off as a fantasy and not relevant and said she decided not to have sex with guy, but that she was still going to meet the guy to give him a personal apology for using him for her fantasy? Would you beg for forgiveness, repeatedly express your love, express deep sorrow and remorse over and over again. Express how much you know it must have hurt your S. Would this then be the, "I want to sleep with someone else" talk?

You are causing emotions and pleasure in another person. What about if the chat contained expressions of hooking up with the person for real and having sex for real at a near future time. Or is this just fantasy of which you may never actlly meet this other person and or sleep with them.

Britney Spears’s father, Jamie, recently bought footage of the pop star’s then-boyfriend David Lucado with another woman.

Actress Kristen Stewart was famously filmed cheating on her “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders.

As for a single person with no attachments..seeing them on web cam during chat is pleasant.have some idea of their reactions to your messages Having them 'perform' for you?

To me it's like erotic email exchange, phone phreaking, and porno've experienced one, you've pretty much experienced them all, all..let's face it there's only so many ways you can plant a carrot in a garden, and imagination isn't too evident in most of the participants To's like candy with the wrappers on, and yet another way of avoiding real involvement, and real human contact.

If a person is willing to do this in front of a camera, and not in the comfort of my bedroom, I am just not interested in her. It's sharing your naked bodies, your sexual preferences and tastes, your fantasies, and the pleasures of sex with another person, not an inanimate, one way object like a magazine, video tape, or sex toy.

I don't consider anything sexual as pornographic, never understood why it got called that in the first place.. It's a two way experience and the person on the other end will forever imagine your naked body and their sexual experience with you and you can never take that back, never, especially if you send them still shots or videos that they can play back over and over again.

I prefer to think of it as pathetic and degrading when performed in public for some unknown 'audience' who get turned on by .you have to ask if it's cheating, why the hell would you do it to begin with if you've got ass at your fingertips..that's just sad! Your woman is also likely seeing another mans naked body and lusting after him, making the feelings of love she has for you less special.

You choose a computer over the real thing...riiiiiiiight..answer the question though, yes it is..if it's just a computer, if your girl/guy walked in would you be cool with it? In love, we should only seek after our mates/partner in that special way of the sexual experience. All of this is assuming that the person has a "Significant Other", meaning an exlusive relationship.

I think people need to ask themselves..."Would this hurt ME if he/she was doing the same thing? well the original post doesn't mention a 'significant other' aware or not.if they are aware.involved it's exhibitionism..yes..a form of porn, by society's standards.