Only child dating a middle child

But did you know that your sibling rank also has a role to play?

They’re also a stickler for rules and expect their partners to follow them too.Most firstborns have a caring, nurturing nature, and they extend the same towards their romantic partners.The fact that your personality affects your relationships is a no-brainer.Then there are theories about your star sign deciding who you’ll be compatible with.Their smooth talking skills may also seem manipulative at times, and they tend to seek out others to take the blame.

Only child Only children grow up with adults for company, and hence they’re a lot more mature than their peers; almost being mini-adults when they’re kids.

While being predictable has its advantages, it can also lead to a common relationship-killer – boredom.

Being spontaneous and adventurous is not a firstborn talent, and they can come across as a bit dull to other birth order personalities.

Studies show that they are the most monogamous as well, and with good reason.

They’re not spoiled, nor are they perfectionists; hence they generally get along quite well with their partners, and are quite diplomatic when it comes to the extended family as well.

Like last borns, they’re creative and easy, while being able to take responsibility for their actions.