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Litter can attract bears and increase the likelihood of a negative interaction. A: Minnewaska is essentially a wild land with few amenities for park visitors.A food vendor is here on weekends from May through October.

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As the population of zooplankton has decreased, there has been an increase in the abundance of algae, which greatly reduces water clarity.

NYS Parks staff have been working in coordination with SUNY New Paltz, DEC, and Mohonk Preserve scientists to study these changes and propose management activities to restore the quality of the lake.

Q: I haven't been to Minnewaska State Park Preserve in 10 years or more and I noticed that Lake Minnewaska looks different. A: The p H of the lake has increased, making it less acidic and allowing the survival of an introduced bait fish, the golden shiner.

These fish eat zooplankton (tiny aquatic animals), who in turn eat phytoplankton (microscopic aquatic plants).

A: The northern water snake, often seen along the lake edge, and the black rat snake are the two most common, non-venomous snakes found at Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

The timber rattlesnake (listed in New York as a threatened species) and the northern copperhead are the only venomous snakes here, but they are rarely seen.Sam's Point Closures & Restrictions: Due to a 2000 acre wildfire earlier this year certain areas and trails of the Sam's Point Area of Minnewaska are closed.Please visit the Sam's Point webpage for more information and an list of the current closures and restrictions.Most bears will run away when they encounter a person.Be especially cautious if you come across a female bear with cubs, as she is more likely to be aggressive to protect her young.Key BCA Criteria: - Migratory concentration site - Diverse species concentration site - Species at risk site - Bird research site The Minnewaska BCA is located within the Minnewaska State Park Preserve.