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Appointments are taken as a convenience but are not required.

They’ll slide up beside you with their sandals on, Rip Curl hat turned around, undersized t-shirt and try to spit some lame game about how they love your extensions or fake nails.

Once defeated, they’ll whip out a ruler and have a measuring contest with the 14 other bros that they came in with.

Top 40 hits such as the ever popular Spice Girls and Britney Spears can be heard while you wait outside this Newport bar.

Once in, you will get hit on my quite a few of the bro’s who will want to high-five you with for every witty comment they think they made.

This place is made for one thing, drinking and getting trashed and the clientele fits that mold to a T.

This place is near the Balboa pier so you get a good mix of frat boys, regulars and surfer dudes looking for an easy score.Enjoy the unlimited supply of bro’s, ‘roid ragers, and the ubiquitous MMA douchebag (complete with 10’ high raised truck with “Tap Out” stickers plastered all over the back window).If you ever feel the urge to get your Irish fix on, grab some Lucky Charms and pop in Gangs on New York on the dvd player instead of trying to navigate through the sea of Bro’a at Malarky’s. The District Lounge Website: 223 West Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA A bar with the perfect mix of college frat guys and corner creepers to keep you wanting to never come back.You might get lucky with a surfer frat guy who lives next door! Malarky’s Irish Pub Website: 3011 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA Who doesn’t love standing in line for an hour to get in just to get hit on by some “bro”.This bar must be cool because it has Irish in the title?Jersey shore could be filmed here with all the drama going on in every corner.