Orville by gibson dating fuji gen

So please...don't ask me what your guitar is worth. This guitar manufacturer started out as a parts supplier in the early 1970s.Atlansia didn't begin production of guitars under their badge until infamous engineer and designer Nobuaki Hayashi of Matsumoku fame became the company's president and chief designer in the late 1970s.

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In mid/late 1992 Fuji Gen obtained a part of the Orville by Gibson contract which ended in 1998 and from then on have made Epiphone Japan solid body guitars, some Gretsch models and their own branded Fg N guitars.

Fuji Gen still does OEM guitar manufacturing for companies like Ibanez and Epiphone but in much smaller quantities than in the past.

Terada is concentrate mostly on making semi-acoustic and acoustic guitars and have made guitars for Ibanez, Orville by Gibson, Epiphone Japan, Gretsch and other well-known brands as well.

At their production peak (in the late 1970s/1980s/early 1990s) they were producing around 10,000 guitars a month using three factories, the Higashiku factory, the Kanie factory and the Shirakawa factory.

Parts from other guitars would be used in the making of a particular badge for a period of time because it was all the manufacturer had to hand...which doesn't always help in identifying a maker. This page is a work in progress and as new information is revealed it will be added to the list. And just a quick note: I do not buy or sell guitars.

And sometimes, the guitar which is supposed to be an MIJ guitar is actually made elsewhere (Korea, Indonesia) because production was moved during this period in history. I have no idea what any given guitar from this period would sell for.F = Fujigen C = Cort []S = Samick [Ko], W = World [Ko] , , ( CP05038528 ) Catalog Scans 1978 - 2002 Catalogs: 1982 - 1986 - showtopic=1576 Japan - , ncr - Kramer - () () - Kelly - USA - by Gibson - Parker - - - Rickenbacker - - - フジゲン 楽器 is a musical instrument manufacturer based at Matsumoto in Japan and is named after the famous Mount Fuji.Gen means stringed instruments and Gakki means musical instrument - the name is literally translated to "Fuji Stringed Musical Instruments".Fuji Gen obtained a CNC router in mid 1981 for making guitar parts and also began to manufacture their own pickups starting in late 1981.