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A lot of it is acceptance, and not just of other people, but of yourself.I expect a lot of my friends and sometimes you don't get [it in return].You're just in a different place, and that's honest too. I'll dye my hair red and see what makeup looks good with that and dye my hair black and go to Sephora and be like, "What now? Mae: The problem is that every time I change it, I have it for like three months and then I look at an old picture of me and I'm like "Jesus, I've got to have that back." Then I change it, and I'm like "Oh, I want long hair again." The one that felt the most like me—and I wish I could just have all the time—is buzzed short.

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You ask yourself, "Is my portion of what I'm putting into this balanced with what I want this relationship to be?

" If it is, then you can communicate that and go "Look, I'm married now, but I would love to make time with you.

Alia Shawkat has been my best friend since we were 11 years old, and we've just been through so many incarnations of ourselves with each other.

The only thing you can count on is that things are always going to change.

I am really learning to be completely present and in the moment. I think girls are attractive, I think boys are attractive, I think old people are attractive, I think young people are—I appreciate everything and everyone. It's frustrating to me that this is even an issue.

I feel like I've dated a lot in my life since I was young—all different kinds of people—and I feel like I've learned so much from every single person that I've dated. I think that's a cool thing about this show in general. Some of the characters smoke weed, [and] it's not an issue.

There's this more natural take on things and not this judgmental tone of whatever is happening.

Nobody in this family would ever judge any of the members of their family if they were happy and healthy—ever. I see him taking off—not to mention he's crazy hot, which is gross 'cause he's like my little brother. It would be either working at a zoo helping the animals or as a park ranger. I could also totally see myself giving museum tours. I see them every once in a while, and it's so fun. " So cool, so nice, and I still see them every once in a while.

Let's do two Saturdays a month." There's always a place of compromise with the right people.

If you can communicate that honestly, I feel like the right people will always understand. As I get older, every time I see a baby, I'm like "Do I want to have a baby with someone? " You get this tense thing of "I've got to lock this." I feel like, for me, for now, it just does not work that way. I see so much wonderful potential in everyone that I meet, and there's always something to learn from.

That was really special, and I still have it on my bed. Every time I see Ray Romano, he's like "I've got some questions for you about the hospital bed." I'm like, "Ray, no, we're not talking about this now."Mae: It's so sad.