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of Yoon Eun Hye now I became an avid fan of Yoo Chun as well. Well if it's inevitable to cry since it's needed in the plot then at least cry in a way that it is still nice to look at lols specially if there's a kissing scene that involves crying.. a lot of crying in the drama, brilliant acting by yoochun, eunhye and seungho. melodramas tend to be boring for me, but this one is an exception, kept me watching to the end. This is by far my favourite kdrama out of 12 that I watched. If one does not watch carefully they might get confused and yes, you cannot just sit back and watch. He was just a lost soul searching for a place in the world but the world was never a place for him. THIS DRAMA WAS FILLED WITH SADNESS, HAPPINESS, PAIN AND LOVE. Another thing, the laser of the sniper, how can it be moving a lot when the target is sitting stil. at the end, i felt cry and so sad because it end now .. 3-It is true that he has killed s.o in the drama,but they made him a PSYCHO in the end!

Yoo Chun, I gues you'll have to master crying handsomely lols, I love all your movies though specially 3 Days(action detective), Sunkyunkwan Scandal(historicl) & Roof Top Prince(comedy historical): they're all recommendable. I'm hoping and waiting for you to get paired up w/ Either Song Sueng Huen or Joo Sang Wook. in k-drama logic, everyone seems to be too caught up with the past, and they always come up with long-term plans for revenge lol This drama is so good, all the way through. Like a detective you must keep track of all the bits of information to put together the real story. i can't believe kim so hyun shared a kiss scene with yeo jin goo in this drama, and she didn't even share a kiss scene with nam joo hyuk in the school series! I was like wtf why he didn't won any award for this role. If love wasn't cruel for him I believe he might do great things. Other than these, the acting of the Actor who played Harry was more than good. 4-ABOVE ALL, Han Tae-Joon is wayyyyyyyyyy cruel and mean,it is 2 excess!!!!

I like seeing a variety of dramas and so I did like this drama. It's definitely Eun Hye's best drama and best acting ever!! It was so great korean drama and park yoochun was so fit in his character but for me, zoe and harry have a chemistry compare to jung woo because for me, han ji min and park yoochun is forever loveteam hehe :)) iloveparkyoochun Let's say I haven't finish the entire drama yet, but I already know the story will branch off to what outcome.

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Well,,,, it is just a suggestion for a plot just in case there will be season 2 :) Liked this drama because of So Hyun and Jin Goo, and the plot and genre of course. I love the character Hang Jung woo,he is soo energetic. He reminded her of her rape constantly because of his d*ck / brain). Yoochun eunhye and seungho are good actors and actress. I really don't know how I got through this drama, but I did. there are two characters I simply couldn't stand: Jung woo, and Soo Yeon's mom. I was really into this until their adult versions took over in episode 5 (I think). For anyone who's looking to get into K-Dramas, there are much better ones out there. Firstly, I really feel annoyed with the character of Hang Jung-woo (young) when he left Soo-yeon (young) alone there. You can check for more this story details in some synopsis at the some websites. But poor to see and understand the character of Hyun-joon in here. Words cannot describe how much I despise the adult Han Jung-Woo! There was no excuse to leaving her and running away like he did.

Hope Jin Goo and So Hyun get reunited someday but not as child counterparts anymore but the two of them as the leads. I got so into this drama untill i can feel it like it real happen in my life. I really recommended to you all for watch this drama. And as much as the writers made Harry into the bad guy, I still really liked him, and would MUCH prefer to see him with Soo Yeon. Seeing Soo Yeon forgive him to easily while rejecting Harry who saved her made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Everyone was crying over the stupidest things, it was annoying. I really couldn't understand why she forgave jung woo after what he did !!! And I really hated how they made harry the bad guy !! but im melting with Kang Hyung Joon because he is a handsome boy and a romantic boy ... the reasons why I BITTERLY REGRET watching this drama!

This is my fourth time watching it and in a few years when I learn Korean fluently I will re-watch it again. Though I seemed to know everything from the first episodes, it was still not the whole picture and I had to make sure it was really it. why :'( i was anticipating at least a peck, you know... I love harry though his character is bad and I really hated that zoe didn't have a feeling for harry even after living together for 14 years knowing her past. He reminds me other Korean actor, which I love to see on these dramas, Mr. It is a pety that we, who love to see him on screen, cannot have this opportunity. People complain about why jung woo left soo yeon that night, it's because he looked for help but after his father came, his father didn't help soo yeon. love kim so hyun so very talent in acting n beautiful young mind just got the romantic scene when Han Jung Woo sit at the stair n touching Lee Soo Yeon's feet...swaaaaaaaaaaa... Such a brilliant and handsome child became a serial killer. he is s.o who has put all in trouble but will be just imprisoned and MORE SURPRISINGLY has the least scenes and dialogues!!!

That is what I told myself after the second time watching it and the third, but while waiting for some kdramas to finally air, I got too bored. Sometimes you strongly believe something, but find out a shocking truth. ....14 years is a long gap heart changes even it was true. it's heart touching and it even makes my heart flutter but I wish there would be some reality Liked this drama. I really hated Jung Woo for the first five episodes I think? I am not Korean but I enjoy hearing and singing it. Good job ♡ ♡ ♡ Great beginning an plot until the middle. But sadly, I wasn't one of those swooning over this so I'd be hard pressed to recommend it. So you can't blame jung woo just like that, i think the writer just wanted to gives an excuse why soo yeon hates jung woo. Well that is in the book, do not show violence to a young child. I love the persevering love of Julius for Joy Lee and the obstacles they have to encounter along the way. I'm gonna watch the series all over again in pinoytv. someone who is the reason for all the trouble is hidden in the drama!! The drama I Miss You has qualities of good versus evil in it.

Some were subjected to great suffering and were able to improve their quality of life. Jung Woo's relationship with su yeon's mom is the best wonderful an amazing thing I've ever watch in korean dramas!! I'm glad they didn't add another threesome love relationship through In-jaeo , also In-jaoe's acceptance for So yeon was totally adorable!! anyway, i pulled a marathon weekend to watch all 21 episodes because IT WAS THAT GOOD, endearing, charming, entertaining, gripping, current.

And some who were subjected to suffering never could reach a happy life. So those who prefer bright, cheerful dramas might want to avoid this one. I can't get enough of repeating the wnderful scenes and acting of those brilliant actors...! i'm 52, in the middle of America, and i'm looking forward to MORE!!!Hope to see another drama of this tandem..hooked with this drama. I admire him of his talent plus the actresses and actors are really good at their talent. Also, my applause to the scriptwriter who leaves a lot of firing lines that makes my eyes open wide, makes me excited in each episode, makes me scream and jump up from my chair. I saw Yoo Seung-Ho in Operation Proposal and already liked him before seeing him in this drama. I have seen her in Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady, and Lie To Me. It's no wonder though, Yoo Seung Ho always did good job in his every drama and movie. Try watching Jibeuro (The Way Home) guys, u'll get to know who Yoo Seung Ho is. She not only received physical abuse by the kidnappers but 1 of them also raped her.I think he did an absolutely AMAZING job in his negative role for this drama. She is one of the best female actors I have seen from Korea. I recently saw him in Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal and loved him in those dramas, as well. :) I hope he'll get a good script after he finished his military duty, a male lead of course. Jung woo escaped on his own, but he not only have to run for his life and also for getting help to rescue soo yeon.Some characters were primarily good, yet still were human and made mistakes.Some were stuck on goals which could not bring happiness. but, who knows, i may actually learn the language which would be less distracting!I started again, but I thought I would be skipping scenes thinking, "I saw that it's boring". But, no I watched it from beginning to end and still the scenes are kind of new to me. So many relationships are shown through this drama, and they all somehow are connected in a way, though it is not know to the characters themselves at first and something they must piece together bit by bit. But I really felt pity on him when So Yeon was making fun of him by flirting him and leaving him behind. Everything just clumped up together,and everything got confusing and went away from te plot. This is a very cute story, but everything is messed up. The drama started ourgreat but after getting through episode 7, i got tired of the repeating concept of forgeting so yeon.... At least he was supposed to be the antagonist and he actually was able to illicit sympathy and understanding that I could never muster for the other two. And why soo yeon choose jung woo, i think it's because harry has lie to her about everything. I love you Micky ♥ I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with how the drama transitioned into the adult life of the characters. The sense experience will undo him for the rest of his life. There are several aspects woven into the story which brings beauty to this drama.