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Fly tipping on the rise recycle contamination on the rise due to domestic waste going into the recycle bins.

And it's only going to get worse as more cuts over the next few years."And Michael Ward asked: "How much more money are the council going to waste replacing all the brown bins with bigger ones?

"However, many believed the move will help encourage recycling.

Given the ongoing reductions in financial support to Councils from the Government, I can't see that the Council had any other realistic alternative but to introduce fortnightly collections."What do we pay tax for? The local library: In addition to book-lending services, public libraries usually offer community classes, special events and computer facilities – which your Council Tax pays for.

Police and fire services: Both receive funding from multiple sources, one of which is your Council Tax.

The only trouble is if you forget to put the bin out.

Phone reminders have been very important."And Andy Kelbie said: "We're Staffordshire and have received fortnightly collections for years now...

' Only 16 per cent of people were in favour of the move.

Commenting after the news broke on Monday, Danyelle Morris said: "Cash strapped?

Lisa Harrison said: "We have had fortnightly collections for years in Cannock Chase District. Not too good in the warm summer months though with flies!

"David Erfani of Walsall commented: "Believe it or not this has worked for my family in Walsall.

The Government has removed the grant to pay for weekly collections.