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Malaysia is one of the most conservative countries in Southeast Asia.

Businesses matching foreign students with customers are now flourishing in Malaysia.

Another group of foreign students from African countries like Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Botswana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, prefer to stand outside the popular night spots in KL.

Although the money is often seen just as a bonus, girls tend to seek generous types who look after them financially. The young women can make up to RM500 (US0) per encounter, and also get the opportunity to go away on weekends where they can earn up to RM1,500, plus the presents like i Phones they may be given.

(READ MORE: Prostitution: Thailand’s worst kept secret) Some Chinese and Indian girls may follow the above pattern and have a couple of businessmen friends for the fun and extra money.

They meet other outgoing people at the college they study at, and enjoy the new freedoms they have.

This excitement lures them into experimentation with this newly found lifestyle of going out to various ‘night spots’, and restaurants.

This and other initiatives to curb the problem have had little impact, with student prostitution now a major underground industry involving both foreign and Malay students.

Local Malay girls who take up study in Kuala Lumpur usually come from “outstation” or towns outside Klang Valley, where the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur is situated, and suddenly find themselves in the middle of a vibrant city after a sheltered life at home.

They can be seen around Jalan P Ramlee and KLCC area each night. Many students in private colleges, particularly from the East Coast and East Malaysia struggle to pay fees, so need to work to pay for their studies.

At the same time there is a heavy demand for student prostitutes around Klang Valley.

They may undertake this activity spasmodically with a select group of men they get to know, or begin do this on a regular basis to make more money.