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As a Neurostrategist and Coach who is known for getting results with a variety of techniques that enable rapid transformational change, Dave has used his extensive training and life’s experience to focus on helping people navigate the uncertainties of their most intimate relationships.After his own marriage ended in a painful and disappointing divorce, Dave used that experience to drive him to discover just what it takes to create A Legendary Love for Life.

After researching and learning about everything he could find in the field of human relationships, Dave used his past experience as an award-winning ad man to take the very best information he could find and perfect it to make it easier to learn, more memorable and even more effective.

Inspired and taught by one of the world’s foremost authorities on peak performance psychology, when he’s not coaching his own clients, Dave travels around the nation working with groups and individuals supporting Anthony Robbins events.

To learn more, you can check out his blog site at check him out on video at It took him 29 years to learn how to love his wife…But the amazing part about it was that he never stopped trying…I’ve been working with a couple that I’ve come to admire so much and their story is so incredible, I wanted to share it here.

They came to me after a pretty huge issue caused her to walk out…and that created the space for me to help them.

Bridging The Gap In our first session or two, I focused on healing some wounds, educating them and giving them some new tools. Hierarchy™, one of the most powerful tools in my relationship coaching toolbox.

Due to their real commitment, they both made some excellent shifts together and in no time, I began to see them smiling together again. Basically, I use that to elicit people’s EXACT love strategies by defining what exactly needs to happen in order for each of them to feel loved?The Roots Of The Issue While learning how the couple got into this position, I found out she had been repeatedly sexually abused in her childhood by more than one person who should have been her protectors, not perpetrators, for years.She had done some counseling but some of it was so bad, it literally did more harm than good.There was never any doubt how much these two loved one another.Their challenges were simply a matter of not knowing what they didn’t know.Luckily I was able to quickly get them back on the same page again and they are now doing beautifully.