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A typical woman in the Philippines speaks at least two or three languages: Tagalog/Filipino (the national language), English (taught starting in the elementary school years), and one or more local languages.

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That doesn’t mean online dating in the Philippines is without it’s frustrations and difficulties, however.

To help you get off on the right foot, I’ll be breaking down and comparing the country’s three biggest dating sites.

A Western man may be able to offer a level of financial stability that an Asian woman could not find with a man in her own country.

Someone recently posted an article here about obesity among American women and reached this conclusion: “The rise in the desirability of Asian women is due to their lower rates of obesity.” I can’t really argue with this author’s assertion.

His options are much, much different in the Philippines.

This same bachelor would probably have 19-year-old women telling him he is “guwapo” (handsome).His options in his home country may be limited to women who past their prime in terms of beauty and fertility even if he is successful and reasonably attractive.He won’t meet many women in their 20’s who are interested in romance with him unless he is rich and famous.I think Asian women in general understand the practical implications of marriage that the Western world largely ignores.An older man can offer stability and maturity while a younger woman will usually be more beautiful and fertile.Their dark hair, dark eyes, naturally tanned skin and slender figures are a welcome change of pace for many.