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You may want more people to operate it, but every pirate in Sea of Thieves will still get their own ship to call home.

Don't expect Black Flag-style coordinated blasts with handily precalculated arcs - if you go to man a cannon, you're on your own.

You'll have to compensate for the speed of the ball and the enemy ship all by yourself (though mercifully the cannons are self-loading), and whoever's at the helm will need to set up good firing angles.

Rare's still working on getting massive tropical storms working, but they're bound to be even more dramatic and potentially deadly.

You may want to take it slow if you get seasick easily.

It's theoretically possible that you could run a pirate ship all by yourself in Sea of Thieves, but you'd be extremely busy.

Every ship has a number of roles that will need to be filled at any given time: first things first, you'll need to haul up the anchor; then you'll need to drop the sails, and of course you'll need to steer the ship.Whether you want to redecorate the interior and dazzle your guests or fit a reinforced hull and improved cannons to become the scourge of the seas, you'll be able to do it all - assuming you've got the treasure to pay for it.And don't worry too much about (literal) sunk costs, as you'll always be able to retrieve your boat from Davy Jones' Locker for a small price.The toughest foes in the game will even require a flotilla's worth of vessels and seadogs to overcome.Or you could just wait for somebody else to kill the big nasty, then sink the weakened victors and take their loot. No, seriously, the water feels, and not just in the usual "it looks so wet and splashy" sense.Once you're out on the high seas, you'll regularly encounter other ships full of other players.