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So if they do take them, you could end up paying cost equivalent to a truckload—or even more!And in some cases choosing truckload service may be a less eco-friendly choice because of the unused space.Doing this can result in significant cost savings, by changing the mode of the individual shipments from a higher unit cost option like Parcel or LTL, to a lower unit cost option like TL.

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The planning aspects of wave picking consist of several steps, where many of the steps can be performed automatically to reflect the typical decision making logic.An extended explanation about wave picking – and its associated wave planning — can be segmented into the following topics.You may not have the technology or enough freight to consolidate on your own, but that’s where consolidators can help.These companies bring partial loads from many shippers into their consolidation centers, and they use their technology and volume to create full truckloads.The contents of a shipment wave can be released and picked together to meet a planned departure time of a shipping vehicle, thereby improving efficiency of picking/shipping process.

There are several variations of a wave picking approach.

Sales order picking/shipping activities often represent some of the most critical warehouse management processes within manufacturing and distribution companies.

When using the Advanced WMS capabilities within AX 2012 R3 or the new Dynamics AX, many scenarios employ a wave picking approach as a key part of this business process.

Often freight comes into the center and goes out within 24 hours.

But with extreme efficiency at the heart of consolidation, freight is typically handled less often than a typical LTL load.

It’s a logistics conundrum that almost every shipper faces: how to best route freight that is more than 6 pallets but not enough for a full truckload.