Play count not updating itunes 11

This sounded promising, but it doesn't solve my problem.

I want my rating and last played info from the i Pod to be updated on my desktop.

And yes, I checked the clock and date function to make sure it was set.

Others have reported this behavior with 3G and 4G Ipods after they go into the deep sleep mode, and I believe the real cause is that they always reboot after entering a deep sleep.It appears the cause is the rebooting process which kills the play count and play dates stored in the Ipod.Using synchronization of your entire collection sometimes doesn't work (because of the limited i Pod capacity).To fix this, you can synchronize a selection of playlists BUT...While i Tunes may have the reputation of restricting user control, quite a bit can be accomplished using scripts.

Mac owners will already know the supplementary power of scripts with i Tunes, and we previously covered how to use scripts available on Windows.Using synchronization (of a selection of playlists) will not allow you to create Smart Playlist for your i Pod music in particular.What I did, is as follows: 1) Create an i Tunes Manual Playlist "i Pod Music" where you (manually put all the music to be synchronized with your i Pod).Problem: Using manual i Pod update, Playcount and My Rating (i.e.) will not be synchronized between i Pod and i Tunes.To fix this problem, you can use synchronization BUT...2) Create as many Smart Playlists (for i Pod music) as you like, all starting with: "Playlist is 'i Pod Music'", so that the queries will only affect the music on your i Pod.