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NEW YORK CITY – After winning his third consecutive NCAA Championship this past March, Notre Dame College wrestler Joey Davis will now face perhaps his biggest challenge yet: two-time Division I national champion Alex Dieringer of Oklahoma State.Davis will wrestle Dieringer in an exhibition match as part of Beat the Streets Wrestling’s “Salsa in the Square” event on Thursday afternoon May 21 at Times Square in New York City.

In my line of Life and Work I simply cannot afford to be ignorant of oppositional forces.

I’ve had too many experiences and now have too much respect for their very real and very necessary roles in this Universe…and ultimately how they are serving our evolution in ways “the light” can’t.

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According to event website, Thursday’s Salsa in the Square event will serve as a “unique and electrifying annual event (which) helps Beat the Streets (BTS) raise significant funds to further its mission.

Whether it’s providing a safe, constructive outlet for urban youth, fighting childhood obesity, empowering women, or uniting entire nations, wrestling teaches persistence, dedication and the value of working hard to achieve one’s goals, creates opportunities for personal and universal growth.” The special challenge match between Davis and Dieringer is unique and intriguing for numerous reasons, but mainly because it poses arguably the best wrestler from both Division I and Division II against each other on a grand stage in the heart of Times Square.

In fact, the last time I attempted to Serve in this way 2000 years ago, my karmic assassin posing as a male friend (and a friend to my lineage) told me he wanted to offer me protection, and with my somewhat confused agreement, he lead me to an underground room, locked the door behind me, and left me there to die in the dark – burying not only me, but an energetic stream of my feminine lineage.

He then went out into the light of the world taking the wisdom of my lineage, but using it to feed his own spiritual identity and ego and assert his dominance. After 5 hours working with each beloved Soul and human personality in the room, a very potent Sacred Feminine space had been cultivated and co-created between us all, and there were only two people left to share their Souls with us – one of them being this male friend.

I become a livewire of Feminine Feeling and Feminine Gnosis (as does the space and as do many of the participants if they so choose to incarnate more of their own unique Soul).