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The resume included hobbies and what he looks for in a romantic partner.

Adams said it started as a joke, but the resume rapidly gained popularity.

Beginning in 2005, the franchise is considered to be the king of the jungle.

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The college junior says the phone calls are “overwhelming,” especially during midterms week.“I’m wishing things would go back to normal even though I know it won’t happen soon,” he said.I’ll start off this post with a bit of a personal story.Recently, a boy brought to my attention that he was pursuing me with intentions to date soon.16 “And in that day you will call me ‘Your Husband’ Secondly, I want to date myself.

Why in the world am I spending hours on hours wondering about boys, when I barely know who I am?

But now, I am being forced to re-evaluate what my personal opinion on dating in college is.

It’s funny how God showed me that I need to focus on Him.

But in the moment that he told me he wanted to date me, I knew I was going to end it.

Later that night, I was running the list of reasons why I wanted to end it through my head. The most important reason, and the reason I have to end it, is because I cannot see myself marrying him.

College has brought out so many new parts of myself that I never knew before, and I have not taken time to explore them.