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You may not sell promo or VIP codes or otherwise use them to distribute your film in exchange for payment or other consideration except in connection with crowdfunding or Vimeo’s prior written consent.Check out our great selection of dating & matchmaking coupons.You can offer promo codes for free or discounted rentals, subscriptions, and purchases of your work. You can also set custom start and end dates for each code — this is especially handy for press screeners or special sales.You choose the discount, either by percentage or specific U. You can create single promo codes, or create a batch of unique promo codes.If you can get them to honor a sales price, any sales price, I'll delete this negative tip.didn't honor stated "sale price, no coupon required". If you can get them to honor promo then I'll delete this negative tip.

Otherwise, understand, they are falsely advertising here and you are helping.

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You can register for events in your local area via the website and the admission price per event varies.

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