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And if a woman is pregnant and on the dating scene, that means the father of the child is not in the picture any longer.

That being the case, maybe the knocked-up-ee should be thinking about something a little more important than who's taking her to dinner and a movie next.

Now, if you have a pregnant fetish, you SHOULD be given the chance to date pregnant women. But you should not have to be conned out of your time and money.

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In the years that followed, at least another dozen such sites arrived on the scene, and with them a growing reputation for shady internet practices.

You see, these sites are well-known for using fake information.

The average price is, on average, twice that of a typical dating site membership.

The cheapest monthly membership I can find on one of these pregnancy dating services is .99.

They were talking about haveing sex with a pregnant said.....

How bout I wait till your slepping and poke you in the ear with a hotdog, and we'll see if you like it............ Why would u automatically assume that because a woman is pregnant and not with the father that she has problems with permiscuousness.As far as modern medicine though, I would hope that technology is used for couples in a relationship already, not in one after the fact.If a woman uses "modern medicine" to get pregnant by herself, wouldn't she be planning to raise a child alone?And the young son asked, if you have sex with a pregnant woman doesn't that mean you will have twins.......... Pregnancy is caused by sex - sex that can happen once...Does life end just because the woman is bearing the consequences of that? I said, "If a woman is pregnant and divorcing, separating or just not with the baby'daddy anymore....."I'm familiar with how babies are made, thank you.There are so many hormones surging through a pregnant woman, it would be difficult to know how she really is when those said hormones subside... And as to the comment about arousal due to a womans body during pregnancy..of guys are like that...don't know why but I never complained when I was pregnant and my ex husband was constantly in a frisky mood.