Pro ballers married to white women Sexy dating org

If this true, keep in mind that black men were raised by this attitude all their lives.

If we all have attitudes, you should be used to it, right? In the entire video a million and one ignorant things were said.

Listen here Susie, just because you choose to let him drive your parents Beamer and pay for all your dates doesn’t mean you are more appreciative of him.

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You can’t say black women don’t hold black men down, when you have a majority of black women visiting their men of ANY race in prison several days a week.

You have Tiny nearly losing her own freedom when T. was arrested, you have far too many black women being “down” to a fault.

I’m disappointed that the guy (as remedial as he comes off in this video) didn’t think for one minute that this was NOT okay to say.

He didn’t stop her, in fact he laughed & encouraged her while giving her a few ideas and talking points.

Black men want us and for those that don’t think we’re “worthy”, who cares, we don’t want or need them anyway.

We’re so down for black men that we forget there are a million and one other races out there that adore everything about us.

Every woman should know her worth and I know many white woman who do as well.

When you know your worth, you attract what you deserve.

Kanye went from Alexis to Kim Kardashian, so who’s not down?

She goes on to say that black women want men to do everything for them, but white women are more 50/50.

Now that you have watched the video, do you think these reasons are true?