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What’s more, we invited her on an entirely fictionalised date, to workshop some of love’s leading queries, in the hope of getting to the very heart of the issue, this Valentine’s Day.

And also the eyes – I love looking into a guy’s eyes, as you can see the truth in everything. Obviously if he doesn't I don’t think it’s a problem – it’s not a deal breaker – but it’s a nice gesture. He should be a gentleman, it would be nice if he did. There’s a few restaurants that I like, but there’s one that’s kinda fun for a date called Gjelina, in Venice. And then after, there’s the usual places, but after dinner I’d say maybe we’d walk through Abbott Kinney, which is a cool street in Venice. Well I like spending time with my kids and going to the beach. Ah, well, if it was up to me we would be going to Los Angeles. Fox, Ang Lee, Gene Shalit, John Davidson, Bubo Musical Numbers: Mr.

Sulu Show Theme Director: Jerry Langford Assistant Director: Michael Rundle Writers: John Viener Storyboarders: Ben Lane, Dave Sherburne Plot: When the local dry cleaner loses Peter’s favorite white shirt, he goes ballistic.

Then you’ve actually got to go out into civilisation, meet this potential life partner face to face and, most dauntingly, convince them that you – and not the endless thumbnail army of would-be Casanovas – are the man of their dreams. Be honest – would you ever have a friend call, to provide a speedy getaway in case our date is going badly?

So, to help navigate this complex romance quagmire, we enlisted the assistance of one of Cupid’s (or at least Victoria’s Secret’s) angels, Alessandra Ambrosio.

no.: 8ACX16 First Aired: April 10, 2011 Guest Starring: Jessica Stroup, Cheryl Tiegs, Drew Barrymore, Frank Welker, Robert Wu Featuring: Glenn Quagmire, Brian, Peter Also Appearing: Chris, Meg, Stewie, Lois, Jillian, James William Bottomtooth III, Mort Goldman, Carl, Tom Tucker, Seamus, Mayor Adam West, Denise, Bettina, Cheryl Tiegs, Mr.

Washee Washee, Joe Swanson, Bonnie Swanson, Megatron, Negatron, Michael J.

Not wanting to ruin his shirt, the cleaner agrees to fight Peter and beats him, resulting in his arrest.