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In 1935 Trujillo married the mother of "Ramfis", Maria Martinez Alba, and (he) became legitimized." By the age 14, his father had made him a colonel, with equivalent pay and privileges.Some say he received this appointment aged just four and that he had become a brigadier general by the age of nine. Army's Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Since his attendance at the military school was erratic at best, he was denied his diploma after completion.This fact greatly infuriated, and at the same time, humiliated his father.Ramfis eased his father's harsh censorship of the press, and also granted some civil liberties. There he continued with his jet-set lifestyle, which included flying planes as a hobby (also one of the passions of Rubirosa).While these were rejected as insufficient by a people who had memories only of the Trujillo era and the decades of poverty and instability which had preceded it (for example: 1902–1905 bankruptcy, 1911 Civil War, 1914 political deadlock and threat of U. He died on 27 December 1969, in Spain, from pneumonia, in a hospital after being severely injured in a car accident, a fate similar to Rubirosa's, 11 days earlier in the outskirts of Madrid.Ramfis's flashy gift-giving made the national news and members of the United States Congress were openly questioned by the press about what real use was being made of foreign aid given to the Dominican Republic.

At one point a bumper sticker began appearing on the cars of girls in Los Angeles that read: "THIS CAR WAS NOT A GIFT FROM RAMFIS TRUJILLO".In 1916 he married Aminta Ledesima, with whom he had two daughters -- Genoveva, who was born and died in 1914, and Flor de Oro Trujillo Ledesma, born in 1915 and who later married Porfirio Rubirosa.The marriage ended his criminal career, and that same year he got a job on a sugar plantation.The car has sat unrestored in Spain since 1969 and finally was offered for sale in early 2013 for £50,000.Trujillo Molina was the third of eleven children born to a middle class family in San Cristbal on October 24, 1891.He quickly returned to the country and with the help of Johnny Abbes García, the ruthless intelligence chief, brutally repressed any elements believed to be connected with his father's death, murdering many of the suspects himself. Both internal and external pressures forced him into exile late in 1961, when he fled back to France, along with all of the surviving Trujillos, aboard the famed yacht Angelita (still sailing today as the cruise ship Sea Cloud), with his father's casket, which was allegedly lined with million in cash, jewels and important papers.