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Then one of the traders have to send the item first which isn’t safe at all. I don’t think that they read the messages that the players send, because each of the answers are about exactly the same. Every player that writes something about scams, gets about the same answer. Many courts and some game modes including, Team Deathmatch, Stages, Clan wars, Solo mode, Boss mode and some other. Sure people use tons of real money to rape everyone else but it’s all about skill.If you are trading with the wrong player, he could just get the item and say he didn’t get anything or something like that. Although the sounds of the musketeerking can be quite annoying sometimes though. Overall, it might sound like the game got many cons. But it doesn’t change the fact that it can be incredibly fun too. Post Date: Rating: 8 Author: xxdasherxx Comment: Wow, looking back at my old post i look like an idiot. A level 1 can kill a level 99 with ease and vice versa. Post Date: Rating: 2 Author: Kenshin Moroki Comment: Based on what ive heard and based on everything I have experienced…The game focuses on intense sword battles with characters and settings from a fantasy world, along with the strategic battle plans to provide the ultimate battle experience.

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(Which means you wasted your life on collecting presents, boxes, eggs, or whatever just getting the item. If you complain about anything you get the same response, and they don’t even answer your question directly usually. If you want good customer service, this game IS NOT the game for you. At all enchants levels you have a chancce to lower your item 0 to -3.5) Tier lists and correctly lable Blacksmith as the best character. Ninjas just spam glide (Which gives you invisibility frames and has a low cooldown.) Low levels the game is based on who can wait for their opponent to attack the longest. They sell enchanting equipment but there is no point in even spending money on enchanting since it’s going to either delevel or break.There are really overpowered cells, like Musketeerking. Well, the game doesn’t really have a trading system, only a gift system. And ninja is the fastest but her attacks basic attacks are pretty weak.If you want to trade with someone, you’ll have to buy a gold stamp or a cash stamp, depending if your item is bought with gold or cash. You can also turn into chaos mode and become stronger, which is good. I think that the graphics are very good but can be better.Post Date: Rating: 8 Author: Thedarkboy Comment: I’ve reviewed Rakion before, but decided to write a more well written review.

Rakion is an online MMORPG that can be very fun, no matter what genre you are into.

You can improve your combat skills and work out several strategies, alone or in a team, to win the battles.

Upgrade your character’s skills and equipment, as well as your summons, special tamed creatures called Cells.

But it’s fun to use your cells that can help you get kills.

For four years ago there wasn’t very strong cells but now? Some people even have 3 musketeerkings lvl 99, so all you have to do is to cell all of them and bam. The trading system is probably the worst I’ve seen in any game.

Summoned creatures will become much stronger as you level up.