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Sorry for the long profile but I have been here for a few years... Just go with the flow, whatever feels good - no preconditions...

I'm just an older married man with rather naughty and sometimes kinky thoughts, whose looking to explore his wilder side. I'm attracted to individuals, rather than types - we all have some beauty! My name (as I'm sure you can tell) is Kate I have been on babble a number of times under a number of different names and each time have made good friends that i keep unto this day so if you think you know my please drop by and say hi a am a... Looking to make some new friends to explore links with.

After much back and forth we ultimately decided that we needed to go public to really get her juices flowing.

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This place can be such a release valve with the right person.... I ache to connect and share with someone...experiment...explore....share that beautiful release First of all, that is me in the pic with my 2 stepdaughters, Jen, 18 & Sara, 20 (They both know I put this pic on this site with me in it & they are ok with it) Ok, time to update my profile! I'm straight, single- Looking for intimate encounters with sensual, sexual men - no judgements, no strings!You can call our cheap phone sex lines and speak to a horny granny who will take professional pride in pleasing you and relieving you of your tension.At 121 Girls our grannies are experts; they are seductive and hot and are waiting for your call.Call it fate or destiny, something, or someone, brought our two lost souls together.I never stopped there before, and still, I don't know why, or what made me do so.My husband "B" was humoring my mood although he made it clear he was in the mood for more.