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But it means he will always have options will cease to be hungry and alot else will suddenlly follow on from that.

You won't find many women (or men for that matter breaking down exactly what kind of game THESE guys are running); Women give bad advice because they have no idea what they respond to, much less what other women want and and if they knew, they'd be embarrassed to say it.

And men that have figured some of it out half the time DON'T share it with other men (the competition - they see it as teaching martial arts to someone you might have to fight) and if they do try to share dating advice to men they encounter a torrent of 'who the fuck are you?

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Real dating advice for men would be advice on how to be the 'bad guy'.

Once a guy learns that it doesn't mean has to be a jerk about it all the time.

I wish I still had th At d20 I might need it someday when I have a variety like you.

Lol I was on craigslist looking for roomies for college but I got bored so I randomly came on the men seeking women section.

"personality/sense of humor is the most important thing" "I don't care about the size of your wallet or cock" "I don't fuck on a first date." "Be nice" "I'll support you through thick and thin" They say they want a man who is soft AND strong.

Yet few women actually understand the complex manner in which those two things co exist within a masculine mindset.

I met tons of fun, nice guys that way, and I'm still friends with a couple!

:) Found a couple threesomes there too, but honestly, that's way harder than just finding a guy to sleep with.

Like going to sex date and get beaten by a biker, chicks trying to get money from you for sex or getting robbed by a girl.

Seems like a good movie but is for real or just plain paranoia?

Just thinking about some advice off the top of my head: "Be real nice to her, help her, make yourself someone she wants to be with and she'll eventually want to go out with you." = "Willingly put yourself in the friendzone and give away your labor and material gain to women with no return." "If she's mad, then you need to do your part to make her feel better." = "Tolerate the irrational behavior of your girlfriend and other women so that we're allowed to act any way we want without discouragement or consequences." "If you want to show your love to her, then commit to her." = "Get married so that she'll force you to be a simpering tool for us with the threat of divorce hanging over you for the rest of your life." There's Hanlon's razor which I believe applies here...