Red tube girls chat without signing up

My guess is that you were at your one year anniversary & the T&C allowed them to charge you for the second year.

I have a feeling we're missing some details, like how you got involved with this website to begin with.

If it was just a random charge on your CC, you should have called the CC and disputed it.

I wont know for a couple of days if he actually refunded my money, but even if he did, I still want to report these bastards. That's why I thought it was dubious when the guy on the phone told me I "joined" their website.

I went on to explain to him "joining" was for free. I didn't want to go into this in my OP but the site I'm referring to is Porn Hub Live.

I wouldn't think a website that big would do something like that.

Well, they only refunded me because I called them on their bull shit.

It seems like the FBI or somebody might be interested in a scam like that.

Linked In keeps trying to sign me up for a free month of their premium service. To me this means that they are going to charge me the next period unless I proactively go onto their site & cxl.

What I am getting at is I bet there are some weasel words somewhere in there that let them do what they did.

The fact that you got them to cooperate may just be because it would cost them more than in money and effort to challenge you if you disputed the charge (and make it easier for them to really get nasty if you tried to do anything further).

Which I never did, I just wanted to check the site out.