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Tyson has moved on from the scandal and is now married to his third wife Lakiha Spicer.Pitt, 47, who was previously married to Jennifer Aniston, is engaged to Angelina Jolie.

I left my marriage only when I felt like I was going to die physically or die emotionally. Now women who are abused can see they're not alone.In the midst of her messy divorce from Mike Tyson, actress Robin Givens dated Brad Pitt -- though Pitt wasn't exactly famous at the time. "He wasn't Brad Pitt back then," Tyson explained in a December 2012 interview with Yahoo! Boxing icon Mike Tyson said he was "mad as hell" when he found his ex-wife in bed with Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt.

The former heavyweight champion of the world claimed that although he was in the process of divorcing actress Robin Givens at the time, he was still shocked when he realised that he was in a "bizarre love triangle". Sports, the 46-year-old boxer opened up about unexpectedly walking in on his former wife, Robin Givens, in bed with Brad Pitt, whom she was dating in the midst of her 1988 divorce from Tyson.This particular day, someone beat me to the punch." Click through the slideshow below to read more about Givens' rebound relationship with Pitt, and for six other post-split pair-ups that left us scratching our heads. He was probably selling his body for money or something, I don't know.After appearing on TV chat-shows and attending celebrity parties, Tyson would slink back to Brownsville.There, he marvelled at his pimp friends and the way they kept their prostitutes in line — even beating them with heated metal clothes hangers.In the event, he was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison (he served only three).