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Grant me the opportunity to disclaim: I’m an avid believer that knowledge is power.

And while I don’t think there is anything wrong or shameful about nude photographs of a person’s body, I also don’t think it’s a subject matter that should be handled lightly.

She identifies as a "mascara lesbian" and lives beyond her means on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

She took a long, hard puff on her Marlboro Light 100 and, with her winged eyeliner and frosted shadow, stared at me with a great, profound intensity before reciting the following sentence I’ve never forgotten:“Never give until you’ve received first.”Same goes for nude pics, ladies. You think there is no way your partner would ever, ever, betray you. My eyes bare witness to a nude pic that has been sent to a friend at least three or four times a week. For the love of the higher power up above, don’t put your nude pictures on Facebook Messenger!Why should you take a gorgeous picture of the shining temple that is your body — that your partner will surely get off too — without you having one for your own enjoyment? Not only THAT — but let’s get f*cking real, girls: You never really, fully know who you can trust in this cruel, cold world. Trust me, they will be far less likely to post pictures of your naked body on the Internet if they know you’ve got a dick pic from them stored on your trusty i Phone. Sometimes, those you date just can’t help themselves. The next thing you know, their best friends have seen your naked body. My friend passed around a picture of her boyfriend’s dick to 10 of us at a booze-fueled gathering just the other night. Facebook Messenger is the least secure place to put a nudie.I think of it in the same way that I think of sex education: I know from personal experience that abstinence-only sex “education” really doesn’t f*cking work. My friends and I were products of the “abstinence-only” rationale and bore witness to its failing of a generation.Because young people will have sex, regardless of the frequency in which you tell them not to.Any lady want to chat add me 233243535137 Any hot black ladies from capetown add me please Im colord looking for pleasure and loking to give 0723856984 I jus wanna hav sex. Any lady any race in Cpt whatsapp 0722598512 holla at me Hello im aysha im 21 from cpt ..looking for fun male's between 21 and 26 too chat too just wanna have fun horney men This is Gene from Ghana, single and looking for someone for a serious relationship.

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