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"That's when you open up your report that Ashton cheated on Demi with a woman named Sara Leal in San Diego.

Looking back, Rumer says she didn't feel any skepticism about the relationship despite plenty of naysayers given the former couple's age difference.

"He did sleep with one of my ex-girlfriends -- but she was my current girlfriend at the time," he said.

"Well, I think it was the catalyst that broke him and Demi up." NEWS: Rumer Willis on Plastic Surgery -- ' If It's Going to Make Me Feel Better, I Won't Be Ashamed' Watch the shocking moment below:" data-reactid="9" actor was one of her celeb crushes when she was younger.

Before, Mila probably never took Rumer seriously – but now that she is strutting her stuff on the DWTS stage every week Mila is beginning to realize that she could be an actual threat to her relationship with Ashton.

Do you believe the rumors that Ashton and Rumer used to have a “thing” while he was married to Demi?

"That would be like me meeting someone who already had three teenage kids.

Kind of going into that situation was crazy." Willis said she has a great deal of respect for both her parents in how they always put their kids before anything or anyone.

After Rumor admitted to having posters up on her wall of Ashton, Howard was dying to know how weird it was for her when her mom started dating the Hollywood hunk! Once her mom and Ashton started getting serious, Rumer explained, “That’s when you open up your Keeping things as casual as possible, Rumer never talked to her mom about her crush, but she did talk to her sisters!

“It was definitely weird for a minute but I have to commend him. “I feel like I told my sister that at one point like, ‘Man, gotta cross him off the list,'” Rumer said.

Top Celebrity Kids Turned Models But she says the awkwardness didn't last very long, and she quickly accepted his role as stepfather.

"It was definitely weird for a minute but I have to commend him, he was a really great stepfather and the perspective shifted very quickly," she shares.

So if you want to come and kind of join our crazy claim, this is what I already have kind of built.'" "I find [that] so amazing and respectful," she said, with admiration.