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) answers in a way that doesn’t annoy me: hilarious editorial voice — LOVE POEM (19A: Mine to my second-grade crush began, “Becky you are so nice / I want to hug”) and HEARTBREAK (41A: What I felt after I gave Becky my 19-Across and she said no hugging because I’m bad at gym: See, I loved this.

Caleb has talked (just today, in a radio interview we did) about the wanting the cluing to have a more personal, warm voice, and this little bit of puppy love just nailed it, imo.

I’m not a fan having the first clue imply that even the constructor/editor doesn’t know what the answer means.

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: One of my all-time favourite movies is MEAN GIRLS (18A: Movie that made “trying to make ‘fetch’ happen” happen), so I’d be happy to see that entry even without the great clue.It’s got tons of nice fill, wide-open corners in the NW and SE, lovely triple-stacks of 9’s, and the whole thing is completely modern and fresh.The following Credit Cards and Prepaid Debit Cards are for people with limited or no credit history.Tinklepad - watch movies online free tinklepad, Tinklepad - the biggest free movies online library.And FIRE WATER, man (4D: Order with an intimidating proof).

: Here’s the secret to cross-cluing (is that the word for that?

: If I keep talking about this puzzle, it’s just going to degenerate into me listing clues I like, so I’ll just end with my favourite one: 4D: Order with an intimidating proof for FIRE WATER.

The whole theme-y week I’m furtively glancing over my solving shoulder, on the paranoid lookout for patterns, rebuses, hidden this-and-that– but come Friday and Saturday I know I can just cruise through a beautiful grid containing big old spans of wonderful words and phrases.

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COATI, BVD and YALIE aren’t exciting, but they’re real things…: This actually played reasonably hard for me (by Buzz Feed standards — all of this week’s puzzles have been in the Tue-Wed NYT range IMO), because the first answer I filled in was GRIPS instead of GAFFS and that screwed me up in the NW for a bit.