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Also, please note that many of the e-mail addresses are obsolete. Perhaps someday we can have a real Index, with links to keywords throughout the site. (Contact us via Twitter DM.) Some remote files that are not accessible for editing have been updated to current format and duplicate hosted on the site. Although many pages are now revised, for optimum viewing, it is recommended that you set your browser width so the right side is in about the middle of the second column. But historically it was entitled Index, and to assure link continuity we need to keep it that way.Suggestions will be graciously accepted; please email links and suggestions to [email protected] tweet us at @AGORAAroma.

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The Aromatherapy Research papers presented in the original archive have in many cases been superseded or upgraded by more current aromatherapy research.

We hope to be able to add links to more recent work when appropriate.

When James Meredith wants to transform society, he walks – across Mississippi, through the slums of Watts, in New York’s Harlem. Send text, photos, and/or video to [email protected]

He’s walked for voter registration, education reform, to raise awareness of poverty. We’ll post the best stories and help spread your message.

Because the quantities are huge, however, the market for the byproduct is soon saturated; other mills must find some other method.

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