The plot has depth and keeps you guessing while there are plenty of twists.The final twist is excellent (you could call it: Bishop takes Queen, check mate! It isn't merely the plot that has clever touches but the methodical way in which Bishops thinks.Ex-Special Forces soldier Louis Stevens returns to Miami to find his former high school overrun by drugs and violence.

His relationship and chemistry with Carrie Ann Moss (Castle) is a big part of the movies success.They initially have friction as he is a chief suspect, but as the plot unravels they work together and form a bond that doesn't go into the B-movie cliché of becoming immediately sexual for the sake of some T&A.Carrie Ann Moss is also very good in her role, balancing loving mother with ambitious FBI career woman very well, before turning into a bad ass at the end.Then there is Tony Todd who is excellent as the villain.Years later, he is hired to protect a weapons distributor and his wife, only to have the same assassin kill them.

This sets him on a mission with the assigned FBI agent (Carrie Anne Moss) to bring the killers and conspirators to justice.

The performances are first rate and the character interactions are good with some great dialogue.

The plot is an intentionally convoluted one which unravels as the movie progresses.

The film makers make darn sure this guy looks like someone who has intelligence training.

He gets out of situations and solves situations using his head, not just flying in there feet first as you'd expect a martial arts star in an action movie to do.

He now lives as a priest until the group start to get close to tracking him down.