Safari top sites not updating

The version number of Safari as reported in its user agent string is 3.0, in line with the contemporary desktop versions of Safari.

The first stable, non-beta release of Safari for Windows, Safari 3.1, was offered as a free download on March 18, 2008.

Later third-party tests of HTTP load times would support Apple's claim that Safari 3 was indeed the fastest browser on the Windows platform in terms of initial data loading over the Internet, though it was found to be only negligibly faster than Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox when loading static content from local cache.

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In June 2005, after some criticism from KHTML developers over lack of access to change logs, Apple moved the development source code and bug tracking of Web Core and Java Script Core to Open The source code for non-renderer aspects of the browser, such as its GUI elements, remains proprietary.

The final stable version of Safari 2, Safari 2.0.4, was released on January 10, 2006 for Mac OS X.

The necessary changes were initially unavailable to end-users unless they downloaded and compiled the Web Kit source code themselves or ran one of the nightly automated builds available at Open

Apple eventually released version 2.0.2 of Safari, which included the modifications required to pass Acid2, on October 31, 2005.

In April 2005, Dave Hyatt, one of the Safari developers at Apple, documented his study by fixing specific bugs in Safari, thereby enabling it to pass the Acid2 test developed by the Web Standards Project.

On April 27, 2005, he announced that his development version of Safari now passed the test, making it the first web browser to do so.

It was based on Apple's internal fork of the KHTML rendering engine, called Web Kit.

Apple released the first beta version for OS X that day.

However, this is not shared by all people with this issue, and others cannot seem to get any secured Web site to load regardless of the network configuration.

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple based on the Web Kit engine.

It was only available as part of Mac OS X Update 10.4.4.