Sara foster jordana brewster dating

" "You're so busted," "You're a slut...a gay slut," "Nearly peed his pants," "Kisses your ass," "You catch the bitch," "This is retarded" (about a situation), "Why are you giving me such a hard time? And while they sit in those short skirts, they show a great deal of upper thigh.

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SARA FOSTER plays a secret government agent who's assigned, along with her team, to find and capture Lucy.

Having just broken up with Bobby, Amy unexpectedly finds herself falling for Lucy and must contend with her mixed feelings about her and her spy duties. S., she finds an unlikely lover in Amy and tries to make the agent love her back (she eventually does and the two end up in bed together).

Operating out of Jameson University under the direction of their supervisor (MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN) who reports to the head of the organization, Miss Petrie (HOLLAND TAYLOR), the girls keep the world safe. She'll get her chance when they learn that the group's nemesis, Lucy Diamond (JORDANA BREWSTER), is back on the street.

Little do the girls realize, however, that it's a blind date that Lucy is reluctant to go on.

When the date isn't going well, Ninotchka asks (in broken English), "Are you blowing

" (the joke being where the pause begins, making the comment sound sexual).Unbeknownst to anyone but the government, there's a secret test hidden within the S. It's not there to weed out bad seeds, but rather to find teenage girls who will join a secret organization of young female spies known as D. The girls get their first chance to see Lucy in action when her main assistant, Scud (JIMMI SIMPSON), sets up a meeting with Ninotchka (JESSICA CAUFFIEL) an ex-KGB agent. that's designed to check a student's proficiency in lying, cheating, fighting and killing. One such group is made up of team leader Max (MEAGAN GOOD); Amy Bradshaw (SARA FOSTER) who's just dumped boyfriend Bobby (GEOFF STULLTS); Dominique (DEVON AOKI) the Asian girl with the French accent; and Janet (JILL RITCHIE) who's hoping to earn her stripes and become a full-fledged D. The last family member of a crime syndicate, she's most interested in stealing her namesake, but will take anything that's valuable.We then see an in-focus shot where Amy playfully snaps Lucy's bra. leader confronts Amy's sleeping with the enemy and asks her, "You're boning the suspect? Lucy surprises Amy in her bedroom, causing Amy to toss Lucy to the floor and then repeatedly try to strike her (punches and kicks that Lucy blocks).Lucy then does the same back to her, followed by some playfully romantic tussling. " She then mentions Amy going through a collegiate lesbian experience and Bobby later tells Amy that the whole "lezzie thing" is kind of hot and that he'll see her tonight. Amy then aims what looks like a large nail gun at Lucy who grabs it and aims it back at Lucy before they stop battling.An arrow or dart then flies back through the window and lands in the wall near Janet.