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After meeting the sister-in-law of Sarah Delafield-Cook, a talent hunter at Talkback Thames at a hen party, she went for a screen test to front a new programme series about property development.She got the job and has appeared on everything from The Property Ladder to Gordon Ramsay's F-Word, when she offered up her garden for Gordon's sheep to graze.

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But then she’s the queen of multi-tasking, juggling her lively family with a multitude of TV appearances and business interests while maintaining her 12-year marriage.

“At least I think it’s 12,” says Sarah, struggling to remember the exact September date when she married her husband and business partner Graham Swift.“But if we miss that anniversary, we’ll celebrate the date in October when we held our reception at Rise Hall,” she says, referring to the Yorkshire stately home that she has spent many years renovating and turning into a second family home.

Sarah said: "You find any couple that's been together for years and they never say 'it's because we've both got long toes'"It's a magic formula, people aren't compatible because they both like yellow socks and drink latte's instead of cappuccinos."I think the things that make us like each other aren't the things we have in common, it's the things we don't have in common." The presenter originally set up because she thought getting people's friends involved would make internet dating more accessible and fun.

"The best way of meeting people is through other people, but if you haven't met someone in real life you can meet someone through other people on a website," she said.

When you talk to Sarah you can't fail to notice the hint of devilish humour and intuition that is likely responsible for that intervening in the love lives of her friends.

I can just imagine her thinking two friends would gel and by "complete coincidence" inviting them both over to her home at exactly the same time. So she created a website that initially launched with a grand total of eight hopefuls looking for love.My Single celebrates its 10th anniversary this month and continues to work its romantic magic.Only recently, Sarah was filming her TV show Double Your House for Half the Money when one of the homeowners mentioned that he’d been to six weddings of friends who met through her website. In jeans, a denim shirt and trainers, she races around the garden of her London home, trying to save a toad from being eaten by her cat.She’s also keeping an eye on a dump truck that has arrived for her latest DIY project (creating a new basement play space for her four young boys).How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?