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The Old Scholars Association welcomes new members to the Committee; please contact the President [email protected] further information.

Old Scholars are encouraged to attend the OSA monthly meetings and contribute to general business.Please refer to the Events Calendar for the 2015 OSA committee meetings.They need time to still be children, not be force to be overly body-conscious.The GHS & St Hilda's Old Scholars Association (OSA) is proud of its membership of over 10 000 women and men.View the GHS and St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association Constitution Year 12 graduates are invited to become Financial Life Members in their final year of school and correspondence is sent to each family in respect to this process.

At the conclusion of the academic year we warmly welcome the incoming cohort and extend a special gift from the OSA to new members.

The current Committee includes: Patron Kim Kiepe, Principal President Anu van Hattem (Palmoja, '75) Vice President Jane Barker ('86) Vice President Treffina Dowland (Lidbury, ‘83) Treasurer Sheena Storm (Richmond, ‘83) Secretary Libby Hocking (‘71) Committee Jill Binning (Mansel, ‘60) Angela Heaton (Mitchell, '75)Jane O’Dea (Deykin, ‘78)Sascha Hill (Lidbury, ’84) Libby Kelsall (Frayne, ‘81)Eliza Honey ('15) Jay Barker ('99) Rosey Longmire (House '82)Co-opted members Kim Wedge (‘75) Jody Hardcastle (Vincent, ‘73) Sue Marshall (Love, ‘74) Claire Moody (Stokes, ‘79) Kate Owenell (Newbold, ‘98)Julie Hasson (’87)Katrina Chalmers (Black '85 ) Year Representatives are an important link between members of their cohort, the School and the OSA.

Typically one or two Old Scholars represent their year group and are a central point of contact for the exchange of information.

Introduced in 2013 as a Centenary initiative, the annual OSA Travel Award supports a financial member of the OSA in their pursuit of travel and learning, from which others will benefit.

Valued at 00 the Travel Award recognises the value of women who are independently making their mark on the world by observing, learning from and contributing to different cultures and communities.

Throughout this period, the Association has maintained an important link between the School and Old Scholars, providing a place of belonging for our members and continuity for graduates upon leaving St Hilda’s.