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Some patent offices (eg, the European Patent Office) see their information retrieval systems as cornerstones to support innovations, and therefore present full patent information in a search-optimised format with highly functional, accessible search tools.

Other patent offices prefer to provide copies of official patent publications while keeping the published information reasonably minimal.

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Join free now and start meeting Russian ladies today!The Russian Patent and Trademark Office (Rospatent) follows a mixed approach by both publishing original patent documents and maintaining electronic databases with a search option.However, in spite of making fairly good progress in providing official patent publications, Rospatent has not yet optimised the information provided for search purposes.Retrieval options At present, Rospatent offers the following options for retrieving patent and patent application information: Open register The open register is a structured list of patent documents sorted by the patent or application number and is available to the public.As well as browsing the list of patent applications, it is also possible to search for a patent application by entering its number in the relevant search field.We stock books on Central and Southeastern Europe, the Balkans, the Near East, Russia and Central Asia.