Seeing each other and dating

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. While dating might mean anything from a first meeting to being exclusive (your girlfriend/boyfriend) it is usually meant as the beginning of the process.

There seems to be several different idea about the terms seeing someone vs dating someone. Seeing someone, as in "I've been seeing someone for a while now" could cover the same ground, but usually means the end of the process, as in boyfriend/girlfriend, or you would like them to be. " doesn't usually mean have you been on a date, but means someone you have been on several dates with and perhaps might be getting serious about.

This usually allows both parties involved time to find out if there's chemistry, compatibly, etc..

For those of you who have already knocked boots in the first 3 dates please move on to seeing someone.

The first few times you hear it may be awkward, make your heart race, make his blood pressure skyrocket...

This also includes "couple" activites, usually with other couples. These are the events we have all attended single and wish we had a rock to climb back under.

Gifts are given and a daily barrage of compliments are aimed right towards your main vessel; your heart.

The train ride is smooth and if all goes well then it looks like the next stop is Engagementville: The bended knee, the question is popped, you're so giddy but you stop crying long enough to say Yes Yes.Of course, that is contingent if you're still calling Seeing Someone: Phase 2.After dating a few times the two parties involved are obvioulsy enamored with each other and continue to go out but may have not yet decided to see each other exclusively.People can be stuck in this "dating" phase for a while, until future conversation takes place.4. (This can happen only, and I mean only after a mutual agreement conversation! After a while of exclusive dating, its just easier to say "I am seeing him."...) This means, you are still going out on dates and outings(maybe a few innings) but you are no longer going on dates with other people.5. rather than "I am exclusivly dating him." This may involve sleep-overs, meeting of friends, couple-outings, meeting of family in some cases spare keys..sorts of other seemingly awkward events to test your (I hate to say it) "relationship-potential".6. This usually happens when others are describing you.May the force be with you on your search I don't think there is a clear-cut answer as everyone will interpret the terms differently.