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Eleven Madison Park This Michelin-starred restaurant is the setting for an unexpected reversal of fortune for fan fave Carrie, as Big breaks the news that he’s betrothed to Natasha.Grand Bar and Lounge at the Soho Grand Hotel The site of rich Richard’s Black and White Ball, a green-with-jealousy Samantha is caught red-handed taking her revenge on her promiscuous paramour.

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This tale of revenge and betrayal focuses strongly on sex, sexual themes, and adult situations throughout.This production includes simulated sexual violence and nudity.Even Anthony Weiner’s former messaging mistresses think he crossed a line by sexting with an underage girl. It’s a 15-year-old girl,” Traci Nobles, 40, told the Daily News.Weiner was outed Wednesday for carrying on creepy online conversations with a high school sophomore.“Impulse control.” NYC teens ‘are lying’ in child sex abuse case, says lawyer Nobles was one of several women that Weiner was caught sending tawdry private tweets to in 2011.

The scandal that followed led to his resignation from Congress.

When Mr Hicks realised there was a mix-up and the victim had not been expecting him, he told her to call the police and he spoke to officers about what had happened, including the online messages he had received.

On May 14 Berry was convicted with putting the victim in fear of violence, committing an offence of assault with the intent of committing a relevant sexual offence, the common assault of the victim and attempting to cause the victim to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

Buddakan Carrie and John’s rehearsal dinner for their temporarily doomed wedding is held at perennial Chelsea hotspot Buddakan in the first big-screen adaptation of the series.

Casa Mono It was Irving at Irving when the show filmed, but now it’s the stylish Casa Mono, outside which Carrie and Charlotte spend time deciding how many of the male passers-by they would, um, well, you know. There are both belly dancers and awkwardness as the single scribe celebrates another year.

“What shocks even now is the sight of two French aristocrats using sex as an instrument of revenge.”—The Guardian "Center Stage effectively balances the light and dark elements of the piece. brought out the very best in this supremely talented and beautiful cast—a perfect mix of seasoned professionals and bright, new talent.