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Since you don't have a set schedule, the hours you work are up to you. Research the company and ask questions before you commit.

These phone actors share tips for breaking into the industry:"Look for a well-established company, and try to avoid staffing agencies.

Once everyone's asleep, you log back into your phone actor account to take more calls and troll chat rooms for new callers.

Or maybe you take the night off because your favorite TV show is on.

She is not someone who gets embarrassed by talk most people would find offensive. According to moms who are working in this industry, you will hear things from strangers you may have never heard before and you will have to say things you may not have ever dreamed you would speak.

The reasons for entering this controversial industry vary.

Dispatch - The company accepts calls first and then re-routes the caller to you.

These companies typically pay a lower rate to phone actors.2.

Your typical day may include getting the kids up, fed and off to school before you run errands. You login to your phone actor account and are ready to take calls.

While you wait, you eat and start on your household chores.

Phone sex employment is becoming popular with stay-at-home moms who want to earn extra cash while still being able to stay home with their kids.