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This county has long been deeply conservative, and Trump won here with more than 77 percent of the vote — while the blue state of Maryland went to Hillary Clinton, who received 60 percent of the vote statewide.

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Her teachers turned off the lights and turned on the news.

"It terrified me because we didn't know what was going to happen," she said.

Patrice Wells, 63, is one of the county's rare liberals and said she is horrified by the president's ban and other actions he has taken.

"In my opinion and in my heart and in my stomach, America is the place for refugees and immigrants.

Accident — yes, that's really its name — is located in Garrett County, surrounded by West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Most versions of the story of how the town got its name involve two groups of surveyors who accidentally assessed the same patch of land.That's what our country was built upon," said Wells, who lives about two miles outside of town.Wells has lived in the county since 1982 and has slowly seen the overwhelmingly white area gain some diversity thanks to seasonal workers from South America who work at the nearby ski resort and to international students at Garrett College."And the people are nice and it's not too crowded." In high school, Smith traveled with her church youth group to Columbus, Ohio, and "got a little glimpse into what life's like in the cities." "It was a pretty big culture shock from what I'm used to," she said. I like my country life." Smith and her husband, who works for the county health department, live comfortably in a house they own just outside of Accident.They make enough money to cover their mortgage, car payments and other bills. "I think a lot of city people always think that we're so ignorant, and we're just hillbillies, and I don't believe that at all," Smith said."I think people are just picking sides and not really getting all of the facts that they need," said Charisse Smith, 25, a waitress at Annie's Kitchen Country Restaurant on Main Street who voted for Trump. They're not digging into what they're actually saying." There's wide support in this town of roughly 320 for the president's rapidly implemented ban on refugees and on citizens of seven countries that are predominantly Muslim, along with Trump's decision Monday night to dismiss the acting attorney general who refused to defend the executive order.